Why Not Buy a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag?

replica louis vuitton bagsYou may wonder where the harm is in purchasing a replica Louis Vuitton bag.  It seems like it wouldn’t hurt anyone to buy a replica LV, but in fact a fake Louis bag is more dangerous than you might realize.  First and foremost, there is a danger to you, the customer. Makers of replica Vuitton bags work illegally, meaning that they have no official reputation to uphold—they often have no problem creating a purse that falls apart after one or two uses.  In addition, some Web sites may claim to be offering a replica Louis bag at a great price, when really they only want your identity and credit-card information.

In addition to being a bad personal choice, buying a replica Vuitton handbag can harm others.  The designs for Louis Vuitton purses and other bags are copyrighted, which means that anyone who copies those designs is stealing.  When you buy a replica Louis Vuitton purse, you are supporting people who steal from those who earn a living making art.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing, but now that you do know, remember—you’re too smart to buy a replica Louis Vuitton bag.